Tensile Structures

A tensile structure is a structure elements carrying only tension and no compression or bending. A tensile membrane structure is most often used as a roof, as they can economically and attractively span large distances. This creates dramatic and structural architectural works, offering a wide variety of free form design and roof structures. These type of structure is commonly found in sports facilities, As lightweight additions to existing or conventions buildings, tensile structures can act as canopies, skylights, covered walkways, shading systems or atrium roofs.

When you need a wide span or column free span. Tensile fabric structures can span unsupported lengths of up to 150 feet and tensile steel cable nets with fabric can easily span twice that amount. Air structures can span even longer distances with column free structures up to thousands of feet.

When you need a prefab modular building. Metal frame with tensioned fabric panels are the most cost effective modular frame buildings available today.In recent days, tensile structures have found great popularity and have been used in many places.

Advantages of Caddbees roofing Tensile Structures :
1. Shelter of environment (sun, rain, wind)
2. Translucency in general, possibilities to design light effects
3. Light weight & Durability
4. Endless form possibilities, catching character
5. Short building time, off site manufacturing of structure, less site interruption time
6. Large spans
7. Reliability and Eco friendliness
8. Adaptability to exciting building technologies (steel, glass, cement, stone)
9. Simplicity of maintenance & Easy repair or replacement

Typical application areas are : 

  • Atriums & Skylights, Food court & Cafeterias,
  • Stadiums, Stands & Sports arenas, Roof top applications,
  • Entrance Canopies & structures, Patios & Walkways,
  • Art, Icon & Signature & Exhibition structures,
  • Swimmimg pool covering & Modular structures,
  • Car Parking shed & Vehicle shelters,
  • Retractable Awnings & Canopies,
  • Tents, Gazebos & Umbrellas,
  • Dismantlable &Temporary structures and
  • Miscellaneous applications like facades etc.