Polycorbonate Roofings

“CADDBEES Roofing is the biggest plastic roofing sheet Supplier and fabricating with more than 10 years experience. Focus on professional solutions of corrosion resistance and skylight for roofing and walls,We can provide customer UPVC roofing sheet, ASA/PVC roofing sheet, Synthetic resin roof tile , polycarbonate sheet , FRP roofing sheet and purlin / gutters.
In reliance on our professional team, we can provide you the most cost-effective products , professional roofing solutions and AMC service. ”

We supply the complete range of all brands polycarbonate sheets which include Solid/Compact Sheets, Embossed/Textured Sheets, Multiwall Sheets, Mar/Scratch Resistant Sheets & Polycarbonate Films.

And we also provide effective networking for Turn-key solutions for skylights & atrium which includes fabrication, erection and fixing of Polycarbonate Sheets as per designs provided by Architects & Consultants.

Any questions about PVC roofing sheet , Polycarbonate sheet and FRP roofing sheet , our technical team will serve you with most professional roofing knowledge and solutions!

Multi-wall Poly carbonate Sheets
From conservatories, commercial greenhouses and swimming pools, to industrial buildings, offices and football stadiums, Themoclear sheets are used to help deliver creative easy-to-install glazing that is built to last. These products are backed by a minimum 10-year limited written warranty against excessive yellowing, loss of light transmission and loss of strength due to weathering.

Poly carbonate Sheet is a very transparent product which comes with the UV protection system on both the ends, that is perfect for maintaining or balancing the climatic conditions. This sheet consists of a double hard-coated surface, which gives high strength and is suitable for all climatic conditions Wherein, has been involved in developing such high performance sheets that gives better clarity and strength. And such type of standard grade sheets can be easily drilled and are designed into several complicated shapes with equal thickness; then, cut down in to the required sizes as well. These polycarbonate sheets can be fixed using different types of materials

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